Paralia is only 7 kilometres from Katerini, where access is very easy and fast either from “MACEDONIA” Airport Thessaloniki, the highway or by train. There are many things you can do during your stay here as:

• Water sports (water ski, scuba diving, sailing, jet ski, canoe).

• Sports (beach volley, basket, tennis, mini golf)

• karting

• Daily excursions

• Remarkable is also the market town where you can find a variety of gifts, souvenirs, leather, furs, jewelry, clothes etc.

As for entertainment in Paralia never ends and covers all tastes and ages. For our small visitors it functions in the area amusement park, for older ages quiet walks in the streets of Paralia with the taverns and the cafeterias and of course for the young people who can choose between the many bars , clubs and beach bars in the area for endless fun until the morning.

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